Tim Brando has long stood up for what he calls “exclusionary practices” and namely the “cartel” of college football. Now another high-profile college football commentator has fired him up once more.

Brando took issue when ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit suggested an end to a so-called conspiracy theory and “bitching and complaining from a vocal minority that the College Football Playoff system is rigged and the “small guy” will NEVER GET A CHANCE-haven’t heard much from ya last couple days. Everything okay? What’s the next conspiracy theory?? Can’t wait! Cause that one is history.”

Cincinnati broke the so-called glass ceiling of Group of 5 teams being outside the Playoff. But Brando was not convinced that a complete change in how the college football postseason is decided is fully solved the way Brando wants to see it.

“Had @CowboyFB won as a 12-1 Power Conference team there’s NO WAY @GoBearcatsFB would have gotten in. I respect @KirkHerbstreit a great deal, but that vibe has no business being out there. The “look at us now” message to those that don’t cower to CFP’s every whim a joke! Enough.”

Even though this Playoff bracket is set, look for Brando to pick up this message next season and beyond until CFP expansion, or other Group of 5 teams are included to his satisfaction.