The biggest college football game of the weekend is undeniably No. 2 Alabama vs. No. 3 Georgia. The landscape of the College Football Playoff race will be majorly affected by the result of the SEC clash.

However, legendary Florida quarterback Tim Tebow said on ESPN’s First Take that the loser of the contest will still have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs.

“What’s crazy is that whichever team loses is still going to have around a 40-percent chance in the predictor to make the playoff,” said Tebow, a former Florida (2006-09) and NFL (2010-12) quarterback before entering the broadcasting industry. “I would think Alabama even has more of a chance if (head coach Nick) Saban isn’t on the sidelines. … You have to take that into account. If the head coach is not coaching, you have to take that into account,”

… I do think both of these teams will be competing for the playoff at the end of the year. Obviously, it will be an uphill battle for the team that loses, but I still think the loser has a chance to make it.”

The winner on Saturday will certainly be in the driver’s seat to qualify for the SEC Championship (Dec. 19).  Yet, Tebow makes an interesting point because if this is the lone loss for the loser on Saturday, their resume will still be impressive enough to merit playoff consideration.

One thing is for certain: the attention of the college football world will be squarely focused on the battle in Tuscaloosa under the primetime lights.

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