Tim Tebow is universally regarded as an exceptionally good human being.

He’s repeatedly used his platform as a professional athlete to help others. Tebow participates in a number of charities, and helps people in some form on a near daily basis.

Tebow’s next mission in benevolence may involve himself becoming a father.

In an interview with People Magazine, the former Florida star admits wanting to get involved with adoption:

“I want to adopt so badly. I can’t wait. It’s definitely something I see in my future. You know what I think would be awesome? If I could adopt a kid from every continent. I think that would be a pretty cool goal. I want to sit around the dinner table ever night and see kids from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, right here in the States. How cool would that be? It’s one of my favorite things to dream about. 

I think when you look at God’s family, it’s not about color. Love knows no color. I want my kids to grow up with an appreciation for every single person, no matter what they look like. That’s what unity looks like to me: knowing that you can love people who aren’t the same as you are. I want to teach that message to my kids; I want them to live it.”

Tebow is currently single — but has a clear idea for what he’s looking for in a future spouse:

“Of course I want a woman who I’m attracted to. That’s a very big part of it. But I’m looking for someone who loves Jesus and loves people. Someone who makes me want to be a better person for her. And she has to want kids, and has to want to adopt. That’s a requirement.”

While Tebow has yet to become a father, one would think he’d be a very good role model to look up to and learn from.