Todd McShay took ESPN colleague Mel Kiper Jr. to task over leaving off 2 key SEC cornerbacks off of his first mock draft of 2022.

Kiper is gearing up for April’s NFL Draft, with his series of mock drafts leading up to the event regarded by some and derided by others. In this case, the derision came in the form of a little friendly fire.

Kiper’s first mock draft was released on Wednesday. And while the longtime analyst had only 32 slots to fill, he pointed out Dax Hill from Michigan as a player that didn’t quite make the cut.

McShay, though, felt that 2 SEC cornerbacks, in particular, should have made Kiper’s initial mock draft.

“Maybe you’re watching too much Big Ten and not enough SEC,” he said, according to On3. “The best conference in football produces the most NFL players. You have five cornerbacks in the first round…but no Roger McCreary from Auburn and no Kaiir Elam from Florida. These are two press corners with length [and] really good on the perimeter matching up one-on-one. And Elam is really good tackling in addition to his one-on-one cover skills.”

Kiper disagreed.

“Sometimes those SEC players are a little overhyped,” he said.