Former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa isn’t working out at the NFL Combine this week due to his hip surgery recovery; however, he’s the talk of Indianapolis.

The former Tide signal caller is the most talked-about prospect entering the NFL Draft. How scouts, general managers and coaches evaluate Tagovailoa will depend largely on his private workout following his recovery.

Joe Burrow may be a lock with the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 1 overall, but if it were up to Todd McShay, he would take a healthy Tagovailoa over Burrow with the No. 1 pick.

“If you promised me 10 years of health for both quarterbacks, I would take Tua Tagovailoa over Joe Burrow,” McShay said on ESPN. “It would be a brutal decision, and I love everything that I saw from Joe Burrow this past season, but I think Tua has a chance to be absolutely special if he can stay healthy.

“He is what the NFL is looking for today,” McShay continued. “A play-maker, a difference-maker, a player who can extend plays. Someone who has the quick-twitch like Drew Brees and can go through progressions from the left side to the right side as quickly as any college quarterback that I’ve ever evaluated.”

You can watch the full clip below: