Tom Luginbill, ESPN college football analyst and director of recruiting joined Paul Finebaum in the studio Thursday. The discussion centered around concern about Alabama and whether Texas A&M could bounce back.

Luginbill expressed concerns about Alabama’s issues at wide receiver, but thinks that unit will improve with the return of Jojo Earle. And he also believes that the close contest against Texas could work out in Alabama’s favor.

“We’ve seen Alabama before when they either escape a scare or they lose,” Luginbill said. “Their last 10 games after a loss, they went 9-1. So when they get scared, or something gets their attention or they lose, it’s usually bad news for the rest of the conference because they go scorched earth on everybody.”

Luginbill’s concerns about Texas A&M were more glaring. He credited Appalachian State for being a quality program, but was surprised at the way the Mountaineers beat the Aggies.

“They got physically whipped up front on both sides of the ball,” Luginbill said. “That’s something that cannot happen. App State attempted to run the ball 52 times. Essentially they were in control of the game by running the ball on an SEC team in their own stadium.”

Finebaum and Luginbill go into greater detail on the Aggies struggles on offense and the matchup against Miami.

You can check out the full video below.