Which college football team has the coolest field design?

Sports Illustrated did us the favor by ranking the top 25 in today’s game, and five from the SEC made the cut. Here’s how they checked out:

21. Ole Miss: “The dark blue backdrop for the red script in each end zone works well. Ole Miss now has a grass field after a number of years with turf.”

18. Kentucky: “Renovated in 2015, Kentucky’s field is far superior to what it once was. Bold blue end zones, and the two-tone green of the field is a perfect match. It’s too bad the team hasn’t looked as good as its field.”

13. Tennessee: “The checkered end zones are clearly what lifts Tennessee in these rankings. The look is better than Fresno State’s version. The simple midfield logo is a nice complement to the busy end zones.”

7. LSU: “It’s the tiger eye. That alone boosts LSU into the top 10. It’s such a cool midfield logo, and it really looks intimidating—especially during night games. The end zones are fine, but could be dazzled up more with claw marks or something of that nature.”

3. Florida: “The gator logo is the best all-around in college football. It’s a cool, intimidating look full of color. The only way this field could be any better is if the end zones were more vibrant.”

To see all the designs, be sure to head over to SI.com.