As we count the days until fall camp begins for the 2015 season, why not take a look at the Top 25 fan bases in all of college football?

Differentiating between fan bases among college football’s elite is a tough task, and rankings them is open to personal experience and interpretation of what makes one fan base better than another. So what do you think? How would you stack up college football’s fan bases?

25. West Virginia Mountaineers
Anyone willing to burn couches in the street after wins belongs on this list.

24. South Carolina Gamecocks
A testament to recent success, Williams-Brice is a tough place to play. Sandstorm anyone?

23. Ole Miss Rebels
The Grove is quite possibly the best pregame environment in all of college football.

22. USC Trojans
Tradition and pageantry are there at all times. Fans are only there sometimes.

21. Washington Huskies
Many of the same people bringing it at Seahawks games on Sundays call Husky Stadium home on Saturdays.

20. Arkansas Razorbacks
There’s just something about 72,000 Arkansans calling the Hogs on a Saturday afternoon.

19. Michigan State Spartans
Sparty is sometimes lost in the discussion of some of the massive Big Ten fan bases.

18. Wisconsin Badgers
Camp Randall is home to some passionate Badgers fans. The party doesn’t stop when game is over.

17. Clemson Tigers
This could be the most SEC-like fan base outside the conference. Death Valley is imposing.

16. Florida State Seminoles
The war chant of 82,300 at Doak Campbell Stadium will give you chills.

15. Oklahoma Sooners
Fans show out for a program that is steeped with winning tradition.

14. Oregon Ducks
A new-school fan base, but Autzen Stadium has a reputation for being a tough place to play.

13. Nebraska Cornhuskers
Much like the South, football is a way of life in the farmlands of Nebraska.

12. Tennessee Volunteers
You can move the Vols up or down a few spots based on your tolerance for Rocky Top.

11. Georgia Bulldogs
The team must be doing something right to have that many grown men barking like dogs.

10. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
A nationwide fan base that runs generations deep.

9. Florida Gators
The Swamp has the reputation for being a nightmarish place to play for a reason.

8. Penn State Nittany Lions
Never rattled in the face of dark days, the Penn State fan base is strong and plentiful.

7. Texas A&M Aggies
The Home of the 12th Man does have an impact on games. SEC has energized the atmosphere.

6. Auburn Tigers
Just as passionate as Crimson Tide fans, but a little less rabid. Maybe that’s a good thing?

5. Michigan Wolverines
At 109,901 strong, The Big House will be rocking with Jim Harbaugh at the helm.

4. Texas Longhorns
Anytime the demand is sufficient for a TV network to cover one school, it speaks to the fan base.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes
SEC-quality enthusiasm at a Big Ten location. Urban Meyer makes them SEC-quality on the field.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide
The tradition is rich, the passion is undeniable and the hate for Auburn is real.

1. LSU Tigers
Folks come to Tiger Stadium for a football game and they leave forever changed by the experience. Best fans in the country.

Also receiving votes: Missouri, Virginia Tech, Kansas State, Arizona State, Iowa and Mississippi State.