The SEC has proven through four weeks that it’s the best conference in college football, but is there a way where the entire College Football Playoff could be made up of teams from the SEC?

Well, Twitter user @CJE_17 dove into what would need to happen for us to end up with an all SEC playoff, and there’s actually a possibility that it could happen.

There are four undefeated teams in the SEC right now: Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia and LSU, and a few things would need to happen to make this possibility a reality:



As far as the SEC, there are definitely some potential problems. It’s hard to imagine Alabama losing a game, but I guess it could happen. Kentucky would have to record its best season since 1950 for this to work out as well.



The most important thing to happen for this potential all-SEC playoff is that basically every conference championship game has to be won by the underdog. Clemson obviously poses a major threat to make the CFP and so does Ohio State.



If all of this comes to fruition, we would get an all-SEC CFP, which would be pretty absurd. But yes, there is actually a chance that this could happen.

The CFP committee definitely wouldn’t want to see this, but it would be hard to argue if no Power Five teams finish with a record better than 10-2 while four SEC teams have just one loss.