It’s Florida-Tennessee week, and that means tensions between these two rival SEC East fanbases will be quite hot.

Unfortunately for Tennessee fans, this rivalry has been one-sided for eleven years as the last time Tennessee beat Florida was all the way back in 2004.

Florida Fans…

For Florida fans, it might seem easier to talk trash to your fellow Tennessee fans, but don’t take it for granted. The momentum in a rivalry can change quickly. Also recall that Tennessee is a heavy favorite in this week’s game.

For now, however, Florida fans can revel in the current streak and use their cornhole sets to talk some trash.

Customizing your cornhole set with fresh paint and designs based on the game week is certainly a fun way to take your tailgating game to another level. Here is a mock up of a possible Florida set of cornhole leveraging the current Florida-Tennessee rivalry streak.


Tennessee Fans…

When it comes to Tennessee fans poking fun at their friends from the sunshine state, you’ve got to get a little creative considering the existing streak.

Despite the streak, Florida is still quite vulnerable to the cracks about the quarterback position since Tim Tebow left Gainesville, Fla., a number of years ago.

posYou might decide to make your own version of the classic Cleveland Browns jersey with all the quarterbacks listed. The list of Florida QBs since Tebow is long: John Brantley, Jacoby Brissett, Jeff Driskel, Tyler Murphy, Skyler Mornhinweg, Treon Harris, Will Grier, Luke Del Rio, and of course, this week’s starter, Austin Appleby.

Or, you can hold tryouts for the Florida job while mocking position of your rival SEC East team.

First, make a sign that says something along the lines of “Try Out For The Florida QB Position (They Need One!)” – then, setup a football passing game where participants have to throw a football through holes in a board. You can make your own, or order one similar to the one below (Amazon).


Throwing the football around the tailgate is always loads of fun. Well, create this setup described here in order to introduce some competition and mock the Florida quarterback position at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Did we mention that Bud Light is our favorite beer for tailgating? Enjoy a cold Bud Light this Saturday, and as always, drink responsibly.