Well, it sounds like UCF kickoff specialist Donald De La Haye has made his decision.

De La Haye has a popular YouTube channel with over 64,000 subscribers — up over 12,000 subscribers in eight days, and a little over a week ago, De La Haye was given an ultimatum of whether to play football or keep making YouTube videos for money.

The NCAA bans student-athletes from profiting from their likeness, and his popular channel is a direct violation of those rules.

In a video uploaded Sunday, De La Haye showed folks around UCF’s campus while making it clear that he’s not going to stop making videos and he doesn’t really care about the repercussions.

“At the end of the day, I’ve decided I’m going to continue making my videos,” De La Haye said. “I’m going to continue bringing love, positivity, joy and inspiration to all my followers. I’m not stopping that. I’m not de-monetizing. I refuse to. It’s out of my hands now. The decision is in the NCAA’s hands whether they want to suspend me or let me do me. So, thank you guys for listening to my message. Like I said, keep tuning in. I’m not stopping.”

Interestingly, in the video, De La Haye references Tyrann Mathieu being suspended for a year and then being drafted in the NFL.

It’ll be interesting to see how the NCAA responds ahead of the season.