If SEC football fans thought that LSU’s 40-32 win over UCF and Florida’s 41-15 win over Michigan (after being accused of “ducking” the Knights) would quiet UCF fans, they were wrong.

KnightNews.com is taking donations via GoFundMe to fund a year-long investigation into the SEC, according to the mission statement:

When LSU snapped UCF’s 25 game winning streak, something strange happened: the SEC elite acted like LSU won by a blowout, even though the Knights lost by just one touchdown — using their backup quarterback.

And when Knight News asked if LSU’s game against UCF was one of the “more physical” it played this season, LSU’s athletic director literally laughed out loud.

LSU’s players scoffed at the question, claiming the Knights could not hang in the SEC — even though UCF scored more points on LSU than any other team this season. SEC fans followed suit on social media, unleashing toxic tweets.

Knight News’s readers believe the bizarre reaction by LSU players — and SEC fans at large — ended up Exposing InSECurity of those worried that UCF may prove membership in the SEC does not automatically make a team better than teams left outside the elite club. And that’s what we’re calling our special, year-long investigation we’re launching today: Exposing InSecurity.

Knight News’ mission statement says its original investigation was focused on UF and athletic director Scott Stricklin’s actions on the College Football Playoff selection committee. The site says it had to hire a lawyer to get the UF athletic department (which functions as the University Athletic Association, independent of the university) to release emails “as a courtesy.” It is worth noting that the UAA is not subject to the same public records laws as the university, something that has long frustrated journalists covering UF athletics.

The site claims that emails between Stricklin and Missouri’s athletic director demonstrate a violation of antitrust laws. Knight News says the Exposing Insecurity investigation would “pick up where our investigation of UF left off.”

Here’s what they say that would include:

We will start by seeking out email evidence from every single SEC school. And we will make the evidence we uncover public. We believe this will help inform the national debate and the search for solutions — and help bring a fair resolution — when the public takes action, be that inside or outside of the courtroom.

At this time, Knight News has raised $440 of its $5,000 goal.