Will 3-time national champion Urban Meyer ever coach again? It’s possible not even Meyer knows that answer right now.

One thing seems certain though — he won’t be the next head coach at Texas.

The Longhorns had discussions with Meyer recently about its head coaching job — it hasn’t even fired Tom Herman yet, and it was reported by 247Sports’ Chip Brown this week that Meyer told Texas no. Brown reported that Meyer told Texas that he’s leaning towards not coaching again, citing health reasons.

Meyer joined FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd Thursday to discuss a variety of topics, including his future. Cowherd asked Meyer if he ever wakes up and gets the itch to coach again.

“There’s more than mornings, Colin,” Meyer said in response to Cowherd. “You can’t do something as long as I have done it that you just feel a bit empty. I have a great spot at FOX and I love Reggie, Matt, Brady and Rob Stone. We have a great group. I’ve really absorbed that and embraced that. To say I don’t think about it, it’s everyday. But it’d have to be the perfect, perfect situation and it’d have to be something that I was confident that the health issues I could overcome. Or at least prevent. So, I don’t know. At this point, I think I’m done, but I learned a long time ago … I left a job once where I planned on being there and then you get a call from a better opportunity. So, I think I’m done but I would never say, I’m never done.”

Meyer’s answer is very calculated obviously, and it’s likely possible that not even Meyer knows if he’ll coach again.

What’s the “perfect situation” for Meyer? He might not ever have a better situation than Texas, where he could definitely win big.

He has previously stated that Notre Dame would be his dream job, as it’s where his coaching career started under Lou Holtz. Others have speculated that should the USC job come open, Meyer would take a look at that, too. Meyer has a formula for taking over a program, and it includes existing roster talent and an existing starting quarterback. Alex Smith at Utah; Chris Leak at Florida; Braxton Miller at Ohio State. All 3 of those situations had really good starting quarterbacks that Meyer walked into.

You can watch Meyer’s full interview below: