Urban Meyer was forced out at Jacksonville after less than one season as the Jaguars’ head coach in 2021.

His tenure was mired with controversy and drama, and Meyer has been out of the public eye in recent months since getting fired.

But, he could return to the media ranks this coming season, according to comments he made on “The Tim May Podcast” recently:

“That’s all still in conversation,” Meyer said. “I love FOX, I love their team and their guys. There’s nothing that’s been finalized yet, but I plan on going back and doing it. I really enjoyed that. I enjoyed celebrating those who play, celebrating those who coach it – it’s a great game. Not being the kind of ripping people to shreds but just celebrating this incredible game and most importantly, the players that do this game. I plan on being back in the fall doing something like that.”

Bob Stoops took over Meyer’s spot on the FOX pregame show this past season. We’ll see if Meyer ends up back on the show this fall.