Urban Meyer admitted that he hadn’t even thought about what it would take to coach again, but the former Ohio State coach was candid about his career future.

“I’m hoping, and I’ve said this before, I’m hoping that I fall in love with something,” Meyer said in an interview withe Columbus NBC affiliate WCMH-TV. “I fell in love with student-athletes so I’m hoping that I get into an administrative role here and I’m hoping I get knee deep in that and that fills the void, cause there’s a void, it’s certainly not going to be taking walks and playing golf and that’s it.”

Meyer added that mentoring kids and helping them avoid being “used by the system.” Winning championships is his top career drive, but Meyer’s identified another one that goes hand-in-hand with coaching.

“You talk about a motivator,” Meyer said. “No. 2 is to see a guy that had no chance, and you mentor him along and he grows up and he becomes a grown-ass man. He deserves a job.”