The decade is only hours from coming to a close. It’s that time of year where everyone is making best of the year lists, and since it’s 2019, best of the decade lists.

FOX recently asked its college football analysts to name their top five teams of the past decade. Urban Meyer had an interesting five, putting his own Ohio State Buckeyes in the No. 1 spot while giving the other four spots to SEC and ACC teams.

In Meyer’s opinion, two SEC teams deserve top-5 recognition: 2012 Alabama (No. 3) and 2010 Auburn (No. 4). His list also includes 2018 Clemson (No. 2) and 2013 Florida State (No. 5).

Matt Leinart included the same two teams as Meyer but in different spots. Brady Quinn mixed things up a bit, including 2015 Alabama at No. 3, along with 2010 Auburn at No. 5.

In fact, Quinn’s selection of 2015 Alabama over 2012 Alabama keeps it from being three lists of the same five teams. 2010 Auburn, 2013 Florida State, 2014 Ohio State and 2018 Clemson show up on all three lists.