Former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is now an analyst for FOX, and he broke down the Florida-LSU game on Saturday morning.

Last week, Meyer picked Florida to beat Auburn because the Gators had played Towson the week before, basically giving them two weeks to prep for Auburn.

This week, he gives LSU the slight edge, and for much the same reason (via 247Sports):

“This time of year, preparation’s all about practice,” he said. “What you have to take into account, No. 1, is the healthier team. No. 2, who did you play the week before? I picked Florida over Auburn last week because they played … Towson, and I know those coaches. You give a good coach like Dan Mullen and his staff time, for two weeks they practiced the entire time getting their team ready [for Auburn]. So it’s better than a bye week; a bye week, you have to give players off.

“LSU played Utah State. That means they really … they overmatched them. I can promise you those coaches worked for two weeks on this game. I’m giving the slight edge to LSU, just because of the preparation. Home-field advantage and preparation.”

Will the extra preparation time help the Tigers on Saturday night? Or, will the Gators continue their dominant run?