Whether you like it or not, the College Football Playoff is on the fast track to expand in the future.

While there are still details that need to be worked out, the format is unlikely to expand prior to the 2023 season, a 12-team format is expected to be approved before long.

After experiencing a few Playoff runs during his time at Ohio State, there aren’t many that as qualified to speak on the subject of Playoff expansion as Urban Meyer.

During a recent appearance on the Tim May Podcast, the first-year Jaguars coach was asked to share his thoughts on the proposed expansion to a 12-team format.

“The fans want it. We were on the outside looking in a few times. And we made it in a couple of times, you know, we had to jump two teams to win a national title in 2014,” Meyer said on the show. “2015 I think was our best yet. We lost one game by I think, a point or three points, whatever it was, and we were out.

“I think it’s good. You know, I always go back to the student-athlete, you got 85 scholarships. Well, we played that 15 games season in 2014. If they told us you have one more game after that, you’re on fumes by then. Your players, you have got to be so cautious about practice and making sure you guys are healthy, because those games are going to be those sledgehammer games. I just want to make sure that we’re going to take care of the players right away.”

That’s a good point by Meyer and hopefully one that the Playoff committee takes into consideration as they iron out the details of what’s next for college football’s postseason.