Following the 14-day investigation into what Urban Meyer knew and did in response to the various allegations against his former assistant, Zach Smith — who has since been fired following the revelation of accusations of domestic violence against him in 2015 (which was not the first time he had allegations of violence against his ex-wife), Ohio State is expected to announce a decision on the fate of the leader of its football program sometime this week.

While some are suggesting that Meyer could receive no additional punishment and receive a sentence of “time served” following his two-week leave, others take exception to one of the procedures of Ohio State’s investigation. Chief among them, the man that broke this entire story, Brett McMurphy.

The college football insider revealed the latest domestic violence allegations against Smith, which were immediately followed by the assistant’s firing at Ohio State. Interestingly enough, Meyer claims the firing was unrelated and originally claimed the 2015 allegations were “made up” by McMurphy. Having admitted he lied when he said that at Big Ten Media Days, Meyer has still yet to come clean on why he fired Smith.

Meyer isn’t the only one hiding something, however, as McMurphy shared his take on Ohio State’s investigation into Meyer during an appearance on with SiriusXM radio and SEC Network host Peter Burns.

Ohio State announced on Monday the investigation’s report would be read verbally to the school’s board of trustees on Wednesday. For what it’s worth, this is the same action taken by Baylor following the investigation into all the sexual assaults that are alleged to have occurred under Art Briles. Why would Ohio State do this? McMurphy says it’s simple, they don’t want information written down that can be later requested via a public records request:

While Ohio State may be trying to pull a fast one here, McMurphy warns that more news could be coming regarding this situation. Considering all the information McMurphy has exposed over the last two weeks, he has to be taken seriously when he drops a hint like he did during his SiriusXM appearance.