As analysts continue to chime in with their opinions of Ohio State’s decision to suspend Urban Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith, Paul Finebaum delivered possibly the most scathing review of how Meyer acted during Wednesday night’s events.

In talking about Ohio State’s spectacle of a press conference last night on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Finebaum said this:

“It was shameful, and it was shameful because of what could have been accomplished. You had a university president there, a physician, an athletic director who is widely respected and you had one of the greatest football coaches of his era or maybe any era. Urban Meyer really didn’t even have to lift a finger to just look into that camera and apologize to Courtney Smith, but he didn’t do it for a reason because I think he’s incapable of it, which goes to show why we ended up where we are today. He couldn’t see through this because I don’t think in spite of the charade and the signs that Urban Meyer has in practice about respect for a woman, I don’t think he really does, because there is no other explanation how you could enable someone.”

Finebaum took his criticism further when discussing what the future might hold for Ohio State and coach Meyer.

“Urban Meyer came off as a broken man last night, and I seriously wonder if he can get it back, if Urban Meyer’s relevance in this sport is going to continue, because I cannot remember in all of the years of covering things, and that includes some of the nastiest and most vile stories that we have ever covered, a person in his position come off more disgraceful than what we saw last night.”

You can watch Finebaum’s full comments on Meyer below:

Bob Ley added his comments to the story during the same episode of Outside the Lines: