Urban Meyer didn’t have to worry about the College Football Playoff while coaching at Florida. But while the BCS’s computer-based criteria led to a more human-based system in the CFP, it’s still imperfect.

Meyer led the eventual 2014 national champion Ohio State team to the first-ever 4-team field thanks in part to a 59-0 rout of the Wisconsin Badgers in that year’s Big Ten Championship Game.

During FOX’s Big Noon Saturday college football coverage, Meyer gave his thoughts on the committee’s so-called “eye test”, calling for “mandates” to be put in place instead of “subjectivity” based on how the committee felt a specific team performed that could help or hurt its playoff hopes.

Watch Meyer’s comments below:

Meyer may have a point: what one person on the committee may rank as a good win may be viewed differently by another person. That being said, it sounds like if he had a chance to do it over again with his Buckeyes team in 2014, he would have taken a different approach even if it meant his team’s chances at getting into the playoff were compromised.

The debate about whether or not the College Football Playoff selection process is fair will continue on for years to come. Meyer’s comments are just more fuel to a fire that will keep burning for the foreseeable future.