Paul Finebaum is on record of saying that he believes that 2018 will be Urban Meyer’s last year at Ohio State.

Finebaum joined SportsCenter this week, and he explained his reasoning.

“I’m hearing a lot of whispers that this will be Urban Meyer’s final season in Columbus,” Finebaum said. “You go back to August with the controversy over Zach Smith, you talk about Gene Smith, the tension between them — you saw it at that press conference. You also know by now that a member of the Board of Trustees wanted more severe punishment and ended up resigning.

“That was before the season started, and of course Urban missed the first couple games, and since he’s been back Ohio State had won until Saturday night — coming from behind to beat Penn State — but they have not looked good. Urban Meyer’s demeanor on the sidelines has been curious. He’s complained several times of headaches. And having covered Urban Meyer at the University of Florida, Kate, this looks like a rerun, this looks like déjà vu. Urban Meyer walked away down there when the pressure got too much, and I believe he’ll do the same thing at the end of the season here.”

Talk and speculation has ramped up following the loss to Purdue, mostly due to Meyer’s overall demeanor during the game (which means nothing). Nonetheless, talking heads have to have something to talk about.

One Twitter user alerted Urban Meyer’s wife, Shelley, of Finebaum’s comments, and she issued a strong response.