In honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to spread some love around the SEC with some good ol’ fashioned Valentine’s cards.

Need some help telling that special someone how you feel? Is your love language X’s and O’s instead of XOXO’s?  Did you get to the grocery store after the Hallmark Cards and chocolate sold out? Then we’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with SEC West teams:

Alabama – Nothing says love like field goal support groups and candlelight dinners in the medical tent.

Auburn – If you’re hoping that Valentine’s Day will be hotter than Gus’ seat every offseason, then these are perfect.

Arkansas – This past season was filled with more boos than woos; so, make sure you woo your boo with this card.

Ole Miss – Nothing says romance like a poem involving that Gary Busey lookalike mascot, Landshark Tony.

Mississippi State – What happens in StarkVegas stays in StarkVegas on Valentine’s Day.

LSU – Make her say Eaux-M-G with this sweet sonnet from Coach O.

Texas A&M – Diamonds may be forever, but guaranteed contracts are better.

UGA – Show her your Kirby Heart this Valentine’s Day.

Florida – The Gators got the ultimate relationship upgrade with Dan Mullen. Upgrades over Humpgrades am I right?

Tennessee – This PG-13 card gets right to the point faster than a 2-minute offense.

Mizzou – LUV! ZOU!

Kentucky – Snell her how you really feel.

South Carolina – Boom! Nailed it.

Vanderbilt – Nerds need love too.

And, here are a few more…

Saban single people problems.

Brent Musburger’s love might mean too much.

Those 4 magic words.

Here are some deal-breakers.

Suns out. Guns out. Hugs out.

Les is always more.

The Notebook has nothing on a 10 minute Tom Rinaldi segment on College Gameday.