FOX Sports analysts Matt Leinart, a former Heisman winner, and Bruce Feldman had a passionate exchange during a show on Wednesday.

The analysts were talking Heisman favorites, and Feldman had Alabama DL Jonathan Allen on his list, which Leinart took issue with.

“Oh so just because you played, no one else is allowed to have an opinion?” Feldman asks defensively.

Leinart replied by burning Feldman.

“You can have an opinion, but when it’s an ignorant opinion, I’m not going to honor it,” Leinart retorts.

However, Feldman wasn’t going to back off his opinion without a fight:

“Jonathan Allen is the best player on the best team in college football,” Feldman says to defend his choice. “If you talk to coaches who face him, they would say he’s the most dominant player they play.”

Feldman also had LSU RB Leonard Fournette on his list. Fournette and Allen will go head-to-head on Saturday night in Baton Rouge.