I’ve already given my opinion of Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd’s totally off-base assessment of Alabama being “boring” and “bad for college football.”

In case you were interested to see what he had to say after last night, here it is. I know many of you are not interested, but I know some of you wouldn’t mind a chuckle.

So here’s Cowherd’s take on the TV ratings for last night’s game between Alabama and Clemson.

After listening to his argument, it’s true the ratings were down. The traditional telecast of the game on ESPN did have an overnight rating of 15.8, down 15 percent from last season’s matchup between Ohio State and Oregon.

However, Cowherd puts all the blame on the Crimson Tide for that, saying fans are more bored with this dynasty than fans have been in the past with others in different sports.