Popular ESPN radio show Mike & Mike is officially coming to an end, at least, in its current format. The show’s hosts, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, went public with the news Wednesday after months of speculation indicating the same.

The reason for the split? Greenberg is getting his own ESPN morning show. So what does that mean for Golic? He’ll still be on the air with the same show, but ESPN personality Trey Wingo will be taking the place of Greenberg. In the video posted below, it seems Golic isn’t exactly thrilled with the decision to break up the show.

“Yeah, this has been the worst kept secret for a long time,” Golic said on the air. “The last year and a half have been somewhat interesting — if not eyebrow-raising, as well. For me, it’s not my story to tell. I’m going to continue to do this exact same show, it’s for others to tell who made this decision — if they want to tell it and how they want to tell it. Not my story to tell.”

Awkward much?

If those statements weren’t enough, Golic’s son Jake Golic expressed his frustration with ESPN’s decision, calling the network ‘idiots’ and again referencing a similar time frame that his father did in the video above.

It’s clear the decision to alter the ESPN show wasn’t made with the Golic’s blessings. It will be interesting to see how it performs in its new form in the coming weeks and months when the show introduces Wingo to the program.