If you missed last night’s second Monday Night Football game between the Niners and the Rams, you didn’t miss much action between the two teams. The game was absolutely ugly, as a pitiful San Francisco team shutout the Rams 28-0.

Despite the lack of action on the field, one memorable thing did take place when a fan ran out onto the field. The moment was highlighted beautifully by announcer Kevin Harlan, whose call shall live in infamy as one of the most entertaining you are likely to hear all season:

Also of note, Harlan is the father of new SEC Network sideline reporter Olivia Harlan. Olivia worked last weekend’s Georgia-Nicholls game and took the time to acknowledge her father’s excellence last night.

As you can see for yourself, Olivia not only gets her love of broadcast from her father, she got his sense of humor to boot. Olivia posted this video on Twitter with the caption: ‘Wanna see some TV magic? Here’s the nodding you see on SportsCenter. More awkward in person like this right?’