The University of Maryland has been under heavy scrutiny since one of its players, Jordan McNair, died from a heat stroke after an offseason workout on May 29.

On Thursday, Deadspin shared that the school released surveillance and bodycam videos from the day that McNair had the heat stroke. The bodycam videos come from two University of Maryland police officers, and provide some clarity as to what happened before McNair departed for the hospital.

It’s worth noting that one of the officers said in the video, “I don’t know why they’re moving so slow,” in reference to the medics. The same officer expresses the same sentiment throughout the video with various other comments.

After McNair was loaded onto the first ambulance stretcher and waiting for an Advanced Cardiac Life Support ambulance to arrive, he was brought back outside. The video features the two officers discussing this, questioning why McNair wouldn’t have been left inside.

It took seven minutes after the first ambulance arrived and loaded McNair onto a stretcher before the second ambulance arrived.

Since McNair’s death, many changes have taken place at Maryland. Terrapins head coach D.J. Durkin was placed on administrative leave and later fired, never coaching a game this past season.

There was also an investigation into the program following an ESPN report that there was a “toxic culture” on the team.