As Hurricane Florence bears down on the shores of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, several college football games have already been canceled.

One of those pitted East Carolina against Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, which is on the western end of Virginia. According to Virginia Tech, the Pirates informed the Hokies on Tuesday that they wouldn’t be traveling for the game.

That, apparently, has upset Virginia Tech AD Whit Babcock. Babcock said he understands the need to make the right decision in terms of safety, but wishes the Pirates would have waited until Wednesday to make the final decision:

Babcock apologized for the tone of his statement shortly thereafter, but that begs the question of why he said it in such a way in the first place:

This has the potential to be a historically devastating hurricane, so football is (rightfully) on the back burner for a bit. Despite the protests of Babcock, hopefully everyone at ECU and everywhere else in the path of the hurricane stays safe.