The second all-SEC College Football Playoff National Championship game has some college football fans wanting to see change. The latest Alabama-Georgia title matchup has brought renewed attention to proposals for an expanded Playoff of 12 teams with 6 conference champions and 6 at-large teams. One columnist, however, is instead proposing an 8-team field with only 1 spot per conference.

Conn Carroll of the Washington Examiner took aim at the SEC in his column on the College Football Playoff:

The SEC is untrustworthy, and the 12-team playoff outlined above would only reward them for it. Not only would the SEC champion get a bye every year but all six at-large selections would go to SEC teams too. The college football postseason would look even more like an SEC invitational tournament than it already is.

Instead of rewarding the SEC with even more playoff spots, college football should go in the opposite direction and only give them one.

Carroll goes further, proposing more realignment that would shrink the SEC to 10 teams, sending South Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas A&M to other conferences with no addition of Oklahoma or Texas. Carroll’s realignment leads to 7 conferences of 10 teams each. The champions of those 7 conferences and a Group of 5 at-large team would make up a field of 8 teams.