The NFL has loosened its rules regarding touchdown celebrations, and it has made the game a little bit more fun.

However, the same can’t be said for Arizona high school football, especially as one player faces a suspension for his homecoming game.

As you can see in the video below, Peoria WR Cameron Torres was flagged for doing high knees into the end zone following this catch:

It was Torres’s second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of the game, so he was ejected an automatically suspended for the next game, his homecoming game.

Per, Peoria coach Will Babb is confused as to why Torres was ejected from the game:

“I am really perplexed, because I am still not sure what he did wrong,” Babb said. “He did have high knees, but there is no rule against high knees. He scored, ran to the back of the end zone and celebrated with his teammates. I didn’t see it as taunting.”

Torres can’t appeal his suspension, but there’s still a chance the suspension could be overturned. Let’s hope the right decision is made.