When you run a trick play that’s so good even the refs are fooled, you know it was a good play.

Sadly, the refs also have the power to cost you a touchdown by blowing an inadvertent whistle, as was the case for Centennial in California on Friday night. With No. 2 Centennial facing off against No. 3 Mater Dei, the refs made one of the most horrendous calls you’ll ever see.

As you can see in the video below, the refs blow the whistle when the person they think has the ball gets tackled. However, the quarterback had kept the ball and was going to score a touchdown:


Instead, the ball was placed at the spot where the whistle blew, and the touchdown was taken off the board.

Centennial ended up losing 48-14, so it didn’t really matter, but this early momentum-killing mistake by the refs really changed the flow of the game.