Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd doesn’t believe the SEC stands atop as the best conference in college football anymore.

With the exception of Alabama-Florida State, Cowherd argues Vegas favors every non-SEC team in the upcoming notable non-conference games with SEC foes. He believes that is one of the big factors why the SEC has fallen off the mountaintop.

The games he includes: Florida vs Michigan, Texas A&M at UCLA, NC State vs South Carolina and Week 2 games TCU at Arkansas, Auburn at Clemson and Georgia at Notre Dame. Although he conveniently leaves out SEC favorites Tennessee vs Georgia Tech and LSU vs BYU.

Coaching is also another huge factor to why the SEC has taken a step back in his mind.

“We are coming off the heels of a 10-12 year run where the SEC dominated college football,” he said. “It’s over, but the South doesn’t want to admit it’s over.”

This isn’t the first time the radio host has been critical of the SEC. Cowherd has made numerous other notorious comments about the conference. He believed Ohio State would have dominated the SEC in 2015.

In April, he called the conference overrated.

In May, he criticized the SEC’s lack of coaching.

Cowherd broadcasts out of Los Angeles, so maybe he is tailoring to his other listeners, many who don’t reside in the South. That, or he actually believes all of the stuff he spews about the SEC.