Now that we’re four weeks into the 2018 college football season, we’re starting to see the affect the new redshirt rule is having.

A couple of teams have already lost key players, including Clemson QB Kelly Bryant, who announced on Wednesday that he was transferring after losing the starting job to freshman Trevor Lawrence.

That prompted ESPN analyst David Pollack to post a video saying he’s now against the new rule, even though he entered the season thinking he was for it:

“I don’t like the four-game redshirt rule now,” he says. “I thought I was a proponent of it to start with, but now you’re starting to see it affect teams, and I don’t like that. Look at Nebraska. (Tristan) Gebbia transfers as soon as he finds out about the job and now you’re vulnerable in the quarterback room. Clemson now, obviously, without Kelly Bryant — more vulnerable in the quarterback position. If you get dinged, if you have an injury like last year against Syracuse, it showed that — you lost the game when you had to go to your backup quarterback. It’s obviously unintended consequences, but this redshirt rule, a lot of players are going to look out for them, which they have the right to do. But it affects a lot of teams and I’m not a fan of it.”

Indeed, this has proven to be a tricky situation for Clemson and a number of other teams, but as the rule remains in place, it’s likely teams will figure things out and how to best protect themselves.