One of the strangest storylines of the offseason (non-Ole Miss edition) came from the University of Central Florida, where K Donald De La Haye was forced to decide whether he wanted to continue making money from his popular YouTube channel or continue his college football career.

Eventually, the now-former UCF player chose his YouTube channel, and has drawn praise for standing up to the NCAA’s controversial rules about how athletes make money.

On Wednesday, De La Haye went on the FOX Business channel to explain why he chose his YouTube channel and to criticize the NCAA for forcing him to quit playing football:

“I feel that it’s very unfair,” he said. “If a student had the same aspirations and goals and worked as hard as me, they’d be praised for what he’s doing, but the NCAA kicked me out.”

De La Haye is comfortable in front of a camera and has a good eye for producing quality content, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him land a TV gig someday. However, once he can break free of the NCAA, it sounds like he wants to give football another shot.