A high school coach could be in big trouble for punching one of his players in the gut while the rest of the team watched.

Will Martin, the coach of Beaumont High School (California), was seen on a leaked video punching one of his players as an apparent form of punishment.

The coach has been placed on administrative leave and is possibly facing criminal charges, a report from NBC Los Angeles stated.

“The video was obtained by NBC4 through a parent who wished to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation against his son,” the report noted.

The concerned parent told the school this has happened to other players on the team. The parent’s son apparently said punching is how Martin disciplines players.

“If they do anything to upset the coach, he makes them put their hands above their head, close their eyes, and he punches them in the stomach,” the report said.

This has allegedly happened to dozens of players.

Beaumont Unified School District reportedly turned over the video to police on Oct. 3 for an investigation of potential criminal charges.

Some other parents think this situation is being blown out of proportion.

Here’s the video that was leaked: