High school sports are supposed to be about learning life lessons and growing into adults, but every now and then, you see a decision made that leaves you scratching your head.

Play Underdog For Heat-Celtics Game 6! Who ya got?


During a high school football game in Michigan over the weekend, one player turned in one of the dirtiest hits you’ll ever see, diving at his opponent’s knees while the player was locked in a block.

As you can see in the video below (shared by @SethKoe11er on Twitter), No. 69 on the green team clearly dives at the knees of his opponent.

The player who was on the receiving end of the vicious cheap shot, Chuckie Anthony, tore his MCL on the play:

The player who delivered the dirty hit should probably be suspended for a while so he can learn a lesson about not diving at players’ knees.

There’s no place in football for hits like that, and hopefully Anthony recovers quickly.