Washington State coach Mike Leach is never one to turn away a question, no matter how bizarre it is.

This week, he went into some detailed thoughts on the fitness of Pac-12 coaches when asked which coach would win an all-out brawl.

As usual, Leach gave the question a great level of thought, eventually settling on Utah’s Kyle Whittingham and Arizona State’s Herm Edwards as the answer (with Oregon’s Mario Cristobal as an honorable mention):

“Based on his players, Kyle would be (the winner) — those guys hit you the hardest,” Leach said. “Plus he’s in shape. Then Herm Edwards is in great shape. I don’t care if (the other coaches) get ticked off, because privately, I think I would (win), but we’re going to be more modest than that.”

Sadly, Leach wouldn’t name the coach he thinks would be the first knocked out of the brawl, but that was probably for the best.