Mike Leach is a national treasure.

Leach’s No. 8 Washington State Cougars got hammered by Cal 37-3, and Leach’s post-game press conference was absolute gold.

It started from the very first question, and it continued to the next and to the next.

“We didn’t play good in any aspect of the game,” Leach said. “Cal out-coached us; Cal out-played us at every position that I saw. There may be an exception, but I don’t think there is. Every position I saw Cal out-played us. They wanted to win more than we did. They tried harder than we did. They tried more consistently than we did. Our guys just sauntered around out there on the field like we’d accomplished something, which obviously is false. And Cal certainly illustrated that.”

Leach even mocked his offensive line next, “I think they think they’re too good and they’re not very tough.”