The Nebraska Cornhuskers are 0-5 in the first year under new head coach Scott Frost, and a game at Northwestern this weekend won’t be easy, either.

This week, President Donald Trump held a rally in Nebraska and noted the Huskers’ struggles, bringing up Tom Osborne as an example of a true winner.

As you can see in the video below, shared by KETV NewsWatch 7 on YouTube, Trump tells Nebraska it better get going soon:

“Where’s Tom Osborne?” Trump said. “Oh, where is he? Where’s Tom Osborne? I don’t know Tom Osborne. All I know… it’s Tom Osborne, right? All I know is for years all he knew how to do was win. Just win. I mean, how good a coach was that guy? You know there’s a guy, again I don’t know him. Never met him, but it’s called no talk, all action. Isn’t that nice? Now all you did every year, you won. You better get going Nebraska.”

The Huskers have a winnable game on October 20 against Minnesota at home, followed by a visit from Bethune-Cookman. So wins should be coming, but how many, and how fast?