You hate to see mistakes cost teams games, but that’s exactly what happened in Purdue’s first game against Northwestern.

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The Boilermakers were without any of their three timeouts, and trying to stop the Wildcats on third down. Purdue quickly sniffed out a run play and got to the ballcarrier in a hurry. It looked like they were going to have another shot on offense, but defensive tackle Lorenzo Neal made a tragic mistake that cost them a chance at a win.

After Purdue had wrapped up the running back, Neal wanted to add a little extra aggression into the fray.

Watch what happened, courtesy of kevinmcguire on Clippit:

Neal was given a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for that extra throw down, which resulted in 15 yards and an automatic Northwestern first down. Without any timeouts, Purdue was unable to stop the clock and the game was over.

Northwestern moved to 1-0 in the Big Ten with a 31-27 victory.