Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith, was in a bad situation with her husband. And after previously saying he was unaware of the alleged incidents in 2015, Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer was reportedly lying when he denied having that knowledge last week at Big Ten Media Days.

On Wednesday, released a sitdown interview with Courtney Smith as she went into detail about what was happening in her home life and her contact with Meyer’s wife at the time.

“I was scared, I did tell my parents. I told his parents as well. I remember specifically texting pictures to my mom, my dad, his dad, like begging for help, like, ‘This has to stop, this isn’t normal, I can’t do this anymore.'” Smith said during the interview. “And I was told, ‘Don’t call the police. If you call the police, he’s going to get arrested, it’s going to go to the media, he’s going to lose his job. What are you and the kids going to do?’ Anyone who’s been abused, you really do think you can change them. You think, ‘Well, if I do something different, he’ll change.’ And it’s not the case, they don’t change.”

When Smith told Meyer’s wife, Shelley, about the ongoing domestic violence in 2015 — during a period she was legally separated from her husband — Meyer’s wife told her that she was going to have to let Meyer know about the situation. Smith agreed.

“We can’t have somebody like this coaching young men,” Smith said.

Although Meyer’s wife kept in contact with Smith, the situation was unresolved and Zach Smith remained on the Buckeyes’ staff. (He was later fired on July 23 as the multiple domestic violence allegations became public knowledge.)

“She would reach out to me, ask me how I’m doing, tell me she was worried, that if I needed anything, she was there,” Smith said. “When somebody is crying out for help, I believe the coach, along with the coach’s wife, have a duty. They have a duty to do something, to help. Instead of worrying about winning games, or instead of worrying about who his mentor is and who his family is and trying to protect that, somebody’s safety and the safety of their children and the environment that they’re in needs to be more important.”

For the full interview with Smith, watch below: