Website says 3 SEC coaches are among top 5 most overpaid in college football

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With the success of the SEC Network and repeated bowl berths in the double digits, there’s no shortage of money in the Southeastern Conference. One college football columnist thinks three schools aren’t getting what their money’s worth when it comes to paying the head coach.

David Kenyon of Bleacher Report recently named the six most overpaid FBS coaches, excluding first- and second-year coaches, and half of his list hails from the SEC:

  1. Bret Bielema, Arkansas
  2. Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech
  3. Mark Stoops, Kentucky
  4. Butch Jones, Tennessee
  5. Steve Addazio, Boston College
  6. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa

None of the three SEC coaches inherited ideal situations, but Kenyon believes the cutthroat nature of the SEC could potentially catch up to them. Bielema and Jones both make roughly $4.1 million, putting them in the top 20 salaries nationally, while neither team has won its division.

Kenyon notes that Bielema’s four-year tenure doesn’t justify the salary:

Bielema’s .490 winning percentage is the worst among the 18 returning coaches who collected at least a $4 million salary last year.

In the case of Jones, he points to the competition. Florida’s Jim McElwain is coming off back-to-back trips to Atlanta and Georgia’s Kirby Smart is dominating on the recruiting trail.

While many consider Kentucky on the rise after a bowl berth, Kenyon believes that Stoops’ salary of $3.5 million puts expectations even higher:

Of the top 40 returning coaches, the only winning percentage lower than Stoops at .388 is from Virginia’s Bronco Mendenhall, who just arrived in Charlottesville last year.

The seven highest paid SEC coaches managed to avoid Kenyon’s list. Beliema and Jones come in at Nos. 8 and 9 in the conference, with the Arkansas coach making $35,000 more than the head Vol. Stoops comes in at No. 11 in the conference, ahead of fellow SEC East coaches Will Muschamp, Derek Mason and Barry Odom.

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  • Jones would be overpaid if he was making $50 a year.

    Colin Cowherd hit the nail on the head when he said Jones is a gym teacher.

    • LMFAO. That’s pretty harsh.

    • I’m sure you have a laundry list of coaches who would do a better job and would take the job?

      • Of course he doesn’t. He’s a loud mouth idiot who has no clue how far down we had fallen and like Cowturd (and some other lazy “journalists”) he doesn’t take into account the ridiculous number of starters we lost for pretty much the entire season. When a team has 16 “SIXTEEN” starters play 3 or fewer games expectations by reasonable people should change. But of course reasonable is the key word.

        • Sounds to me like UT’s strength coach needs to be fired.

        • Auburnkev, he was.

        • My dad lives in Knoxville, and a lot of fans he speaks with face to face aren’t that crazy and realized our season began to end when DT’s dropped left and right in A&M game and even more against Alabama. To overlook how injured we were is ignorant. Butch has done a great job, and hopefully our new S&C coach has us in shape and have less injuries on the line. Hope our captains are healthy this year, too.

      • Lane Kiffin should be available in a couple years . . .

    • You’re more proof that Clay Travis was correct when he said UT has the dumbest fans in college football.

      • Jones is the most polarizing coach to his own fanbase in the SEC. Love or hate, there is no middle ground for that guy.

        • I agree. I think some of it has to do with his demeanor. The cliches and coach-speak come off as disingenuous and patronizing sometimes even though I really believe that is not his intention. Regardless, he has put the program back in a pretty good place, and created a recipe for more sustained success whether it under his watch or someone else’s.

        • Like Clay Travis said, we have dumb fans

        • Part of it is the media only quotes 1/3 of what he actually says. They find little bits and his coach speak makes it easy to exploit. None of his quotes in full have been as bad as they are headlined.

      • We really do have dumb fans lol

        • I hate to admit that Clay Travis is ever right about anything. But he is in this one department.
          I contribute it to BVFS “Battered Vol Fan Syndrome”. It’s a phenomenon that has occurred over the past 10 seasons with the final years of Coach Fulmer through the Kiffin embarrassment through the reign of the Doofus er I mean Dooley error er Era.

        • Fans hold it against Butch that we sucked from 08-12 before he got here and even had 05 as well. He has us in a better spot than we were towards 06-08, but people want to complain just to complain.

    • Oh, well is Colin Cowherd said it……

      Do us actual Tennessee fans a favor and stop posting, in fact just power off your computer and cancel your internet, the world would be a better place for all.

    • No Volman would have said that….you are a troll..!

  • No Kentucky FOOTBALL coach should be making three million dollars

  • Coach B should be at top of the list! Maybe, maybe not if it was based on winning first halves vs games. This guy drives me bonkers & has from day 1. Guy has run his mouth & lost more than I have patience. Proven to recruit large linemen that can eat but can’t block. Fails to ponder the words half time adjustments & talks more crap having to eat crow than any coach in NCAA. Wisconsin has only improved since day one of his departure & has he ever sufferred some hideous lossses! AUBURN TIGERS LOSS! I think Arkansas had a total of 32 rushing yrds & AUBURN school record of 600yrds! Insane A#% Pounding! I truly believe I could have coached the HOGs that game and had an equal or better outcome! Straight from Arkansas Alumni-Bilema better win 8games+ or done! Miserable guy!

    • But how do you really feel? lol
      I will agreed we are at the point where if we arent hitting 8 game wins this year then its time to move on to someone else.
      BUT with that said I think he has done pretty well with the overall morale of the team (until the last 2 games this year that is).

  • Jim Harbaugh is #1. Not even close.
    3rd in Division back-to-back.
    Outclassed in bowl v 9-3 ACC team.
    Any HC that makes more tha Nick Saban is overpaid.
    Harbaugh is at the top of the list.
    This list is bogus.

    • From everything I have read, that is not Harbaugh’s salary. He actually makes under 6 million a year. The nine million shows for the first season because Michigan gave him a two million dollar signing bonus, and they had to include deferred compensation. He still makes a lot, but not what Saban does.

    • you win the accurate comment of the day award !

  • Iowa’s , IMO, does more with less than anyone in college football. Iowa is hardly ever in the top 50 in recruiting and yet still plays the S.E.C.’s 3 to 5 best team in bowl games every year it seems. Capital one bowl, outback bowl. It’s extremely rare when a 4 star sniffs around Iowa, cause who the hell wants to go to Iowa?

  • Let’s at Beliema’s resume:

    Inherited a laughing- stock, dumpster fire of a program and had the kind of season everyone expected.

    2nd year he leads that team to a winning record ( including a1- point loss to Alabama and shut outs of LSU and Ole Miss) and wins a bowl game

    3rd year he improves that record and wins another bowl game

    4th year he stays even and makes another bowl game ( albeit losing this one), the most consecutive bowls of any coach in school history

    He does all this with one of the weakest state recruiting pools in the country and the team constantly being overlooked. How is that failure or underachieving? It’s nearly a miracle! No one should expect it’s be playing for the title right now with out ending up in an Ole Miss situation. He’s earning his pay.

  • To be fair, everyone involved in football is overpaid.

    • That’s not really being fair. Interns make virtually nothing, and even most position coaches at the smaller schools only make averages living wages. Most highly paid coaches help the football program bring in way more money than they cost. That’s not being overpaid.

  • Bielema is doing okay so far. You have to just throw that first year completely out of the mix, we’re lucky to have won the ones we did after the Petrino flameout followed by the John ‘Smile!’ L. Smith disaster. Every year since had been an improvement, with back to back wins over LSU, three in a row against Ole Miss, even a thumping of Florida this year. Two inexplicable second half no shows of games we could have, should have won are the only fly in the ointment that I see. We do have to challenge for the West soon though.

  • Look…I will make it easy for all these schools…I’ll take any of these jobs for 1 million a year. If after you don’t like what you see after the 1st season you can fire me. Now that’s a bargain! Please call because I’m available and willing to move if necessary!