What did we do when “replay review” wasn’t in our vocabulary and we had to wait for the morning paper to read about the controversial game-changing plays?

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The beauty of today’s SEC is such that officials rarely get calls wrong. And when they do, they get slow-motion replays from several angles with the opportunity to adjust the original call. And when that doesn’t help, college football officials get suspended.

Still, it’s not an easy job. Sometimes officials get drilled in the head by spiraling footballs.

Speaking of drilled in the head, a few more players — we’re looking at you, Tennessee’s Brian Randolph — got ejected for targeting. It’s been a source of constant debate among football fans.

Valuing the health of the players and valuing physical, intimidating defense are two viewpoints that often clash. Still, we’re glad helmet-to-helmet hits result in some sort of tangible punishment.

There were several other controversial calls during the Week 10 games aside from the usual array of missed holding and pass interference judgement calls. We’ve put together a few of the most egregious or entertaining.