The College Football Playoff committee released its Week 13 rankings, and there were some big shake-ups in the Top 10. But they didn’t get it all right.

Take a look at where we think the teams should have fallen on the list.


1. Alabama (10-1) – Yes, Alabama beat an FCS team in Week 12, but Charleston Southern is a highly ranked FCS team, and the performance the Tide gave would have still been spectacular against a Top 10 FBS team.

2. Clemson (11-0) – The Tigers got a win over ACC opponent Wake Forest (3-8), but that isn’t impressive on its own. Clemson QB Deshaun Watson might be the best quarterback in the league, but he’s only faced one Top 25 pass defense. Their impact win this season was the 24-22 victory over Notre Dame. I’d like to see the Tigers face a bigger challenge.

3. Oklahoma (10-1) – After a very important 1-point victory over a talented TCU, the Sooners deserve the move up to No. 3.

4. Michigan State (10-1) – Ohio State has been all the hype this season, but who has it beat? The Spartans have gotten victories over three ranked teams, including the Buckeyes, and for those wins, they deserve to be in the Top 4.

5. Notre Dame (10-1) – The Fighting Irish won a close game over Boston College, and they were penalized for the narrow window of victory and the five turnovers. But Boston College surprisingly has the best defense in the FBS, and it has gained 22 turnovers on the season. We knew this was going to be a tough matchup for Notre Dame, and while the loss should definitely be reflected in the rankings, it shouldn’t have caused a two-spot drop for what is still one of the best teams in the nation.

6. Iowa (11-0) – The Hawkeyes beat Purdue by 20 points, but given the Boilermakers’ 2-9 record, that win is not remarkable. Iowa has yet to prove it belongs in the Top 4.

7. Baylor (9-1)

8. Stanford (9-2) – Stanford has been tested all season long, and its two losses and a lot of its wins have been to good teams. The Cardinal has proven more than Ohio State at this point, and it deserves to be ranked higher than the Buckeyes.

9. Michigan (9-2) – The Wolverines are better than the Buckeyes, and they’ll get the chance to prove it this weekend.

10. Florida (10-1) – The Gators needed overtime to beat Florida Atlantic, so the drop is warranted, but it should not have been more than two spots.

12. Oklahoma State (10-1)

11. Ohio State (10-1) – The Buckeyes lost to a good Michigan State team, so that loss alone is not a huge blemish on their resume. But Ohio State has been overrated all season, so they never should have been in the Top 10 in the first place.

13. Florida State (9-2)

14. North Carolina (10-1) – The Tar Heels got a win over the motivated Hokies in Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer’s last home game. They got the job done when everything was on the line, and they definitely deserved the jump over Navy and into the No. 14 spot.

15. Navy (9-1)

16. Oregon (8-3) – Oregon’s three losses are all to teams currently ranked, and two of the teams were ranked at the time. Now the Ducks have won two in a row over ranked teams. Oh, and they’re better than Northwestern.

17. Ole Miss (8-3) – The Rebels had a huge win over LSU in Week 12. Yes, the Tigers are on a surprising three-game losing streak, but the win is still worth more than a one-spot bump in the poll.

18. TCU (9-2) – The Horned Frogs lost a heartbreaker to Oklahoma after failing on a two-point conversion. But Oklahoma is a great team, and TCU should’ve stayed put in the rankings.

19. Northwestern (9-2) – The committee had the Wildcats at No. 20 last week before they beat No. 25 Wisconsin 13-7. That win still does not mean Northwestern is good enough to be at No. 16.

20. Mississippi State (8-3) – The Razorbacks were on a hot streak, and the Bulldogs managed to take them down anyway. In a head-to-head matchup with Washington State, the Bulldogs would walk away with the win.

21. Washington State (7-3) – A win over Colorado (4-8) takes an unranked team to No. 20? I think not.

22. UCLA (8-3)

23. Utah (8-3) – Utah’s drop from No. 13 to No. 23 was the biggest in the poll, but the Utes were overrated anyway, so it wasn’t a very big drop from where they should have been last week.

24. Temple (9-2) – A win over No. 21 Memphis is definitely more impressive than Toledo’s win over unranked Bowling Green in Week 12.

25. Houston (10-1) – The Cougars lost a close one to Connecticut, but it was their first loss, and it shouldn’t have moved them from the rankings completely.