Every week is a new opportunity for fans to get really upset with the men and women who broadcast the game we love on Saturdays.

Week 3 was no exception, with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit holding the title of villain for many Ole Miss fans following his color commentary work on the Rebels thrilling win against Alabama on Saturday night.


Here’s what had the viewers being critical during Week 3:

Ole Miss fans felt disrespected by Kirk Herbstreit

If you didn’t see this exchange go down on Saturday night, then you need to go read what our Jon Cooper collected from the Twitter exchange between Ole Miss supporter Leigh Anne Tuohy, who became famous after the story of her family becoming legal guardians of OT Michael Oher was featured in the movie “The Blind Side,” and Herbstreit.

She was not alone in voicing her displeasure with the usually popular Herbstreit. It is rare to see a team that won a game feel so slighted, but hey, crazy things happen when SEC football is involved.

Here are some of the fan tweets at Herbstreit:

Trust me when I say there are many, many more that are much too inappropriate to share here, so we’ll just leave it at that. Me? I tend to agree with this guy’s take:

Enjoy your win, Rebs!

Although Herbstreit did find himself making some regrettable comments that all of Twitter was quick to jump on, Rebels fans or not:

Gary and Verne: The Weekly installment

I’ve decided that SEC on CBS broadcasters Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist deserve to be a permanent weekly fixture on this piece. There is no duo that SEC fans like to criticize more, so we may as well check in on what fans had to say about them each week.

Danielson and Lundquist had the call on LSU’s 45-21 win against Auburn in Week 3. Here were the complaints:

Danielson made a comment about Auburn righting the ship against Mississippi State that could have been construed as disrespect toward the Bulldogs, and Mississippi State fans decided to chime in:

And Verne, bless him, called the LSU punter “76 years old”, which drew some sharp criticism from the Twitter world: