Saturday marks just the second time in college football history that one interesting occurrence is happening.

It will be the second time in the history of the sport that there are three games between teams that are 5-0 or better in the same day. They will feature Penn State (5-0) at Michigan (6-0), Alabama (5-0) at Tennessee and Oklahoma State (5-0) at TCU (5-0).

The last time that happened was Oct. 16 back in 1993 when No. 1-ranked Florida State defeated No. 15-ranked Virginia 40-14, along with a handful of other matchups in what was a very different time in college football in terms of where these teams all stand at present day.

How that one SEC matchup in the mix there (Tennessee vs. Alabama) will be something to keep an eye on as some are predicting this could be a potential upset by the Vols while the Crimson Tide work through issues at quarterback in the midst of Bryce Young’s injury.