South Carolina came within a completed Hail Mary of overtime Saturday night against Auburn.

But on the game’s final play, which ended with a Dylan Thompson heave that fell to the ground in the end zone, the broadcast clearly showed two No. 1 jerseys on the field for Auburn. As Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer explained on the broadcast, that should’ve resulted in a penalty and one more untimed down from the 35-yard line.

Granted, down seven with one play to reach the end zone from 35 yards away, by no means would South Carolina be guaranteed overtime, much less a win. But Thompson and the Gamecocks would’ve had one more shot.

Auburn and South Carolina fans seemed generally displeased with the officiating crew, complaining about multiple calls throughout the game, including a notable pass interference that seemed to occur out of bounds.


Missouri defensive back Anthony Sherrils appeared too anxious in punt coverage, drilling Vanderbilt’s returner the instant he caught the ball.

The hit drew a flag for kick catch interference, and it appeared that Sherrils’ helmet made contact with the returner’s facemask and chest.

Mizzou beat writers universally dismissed the call, upheld after a review, and suggested that coach Gary Pinkel most certainly will send the video to the league office for review.

After watching the replay close to a dozen times, I don’t think Sherrils intended to injure the returner, but he did lead with his helmet, which also appears pretty clearly in the last replay angle to make contact with the returner’s head. Whether we like it or not, by rule, I think the officials made the correct call.


On the final Ole Miss drive of the game, after LSU assumed a 10-7 lead, the Tigers intercepted Bo Wallace to end the game. At least apparently.

No, not that interception. This one coincided with a defensive pass interference call that positioned the Rebels at the edge of field goal range and set up some final dramatics before LSU held on for the upset.

On the play, Wallace underthrew Quincy Adeboyejo, who attempted to work his way back to the ball, but Jalen Mills physically prevented that. The call seemed pretty straightforward, though due to the implications — it turned game over into an excellent opportunity for the Rebels — some LSU fans didn’t appreciate it.

Minutes later, though, Tigers fans forgot the call as they celebrated a win against No. 3 Ole Miss.