You know people are getting antsy for the College Football Playoff poll.

I’ve heard a lot of people asking questions about when it’ll be released. Sadly, we’re still three weeks away from getting to the real poll. For now, all we have to argue about is the Week 7 Associated Press poll.

So let’s do that.

1. Two College Football Playoff teams for the SEC?!

I love the whole “if the season ended today” argument. We make it all the time. And yes, it’s true that if the season ended today, Georgia would probably be in the College Football Playoff. After all, the Bulldogs are No. 4 in the AP poll. That’s what happens when you’re 6-0 having just shredded three straight SEC teams.

With Alabama at No. 1 and Georgia at No. 4, the SEC has two top-four teams for the first time since Week 14 of the 2014 season. Alabama was at No. 2 and the Dak Prescott-led Mississippi State Bulldogs were at No. 4.

So yes, even for the SEC, it’s rare to have two top-four teams…

2. …but only three SEC teams in the top 25 is somewhat historic

The SEC has never had as few as three teams ranked in the AP top 25 during the Playoff era. With Florida out, that’s the SEC’s new reality. Is the conference top-heavy? Perhaps. The fact that Alabama, Georgia and Auburn represent the SEC’s lone top-25 teams suggest that the depth isn’t where it’s been in years past.

The question I have is when is the SEC is going to get a fourth team in the top 25? And who? LSU? Florida again? Kentucky? Texas A&M? Mississippi State? All five of those teams will need at least a couple more victories to enter that equation.

3. Auburn is still ranked behind Ohio State, but that doesn’t really matter

There are Tigers fans who are probably upset with the fact that once again, Ohio State (9) came in ahead of Auburn (10). We can sit here and break down the strength of schedule arguments until the cows come home.

“Well, Ohio State’s loss to Oklahoma isn’t as good as Auburn’s road loss to Clemson.”

“Ohio State’s best win is at Indiana. Auburn’s best win was vs. Mississippi State.”

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

You know what it really means at the point? Nothing. Auburn is making the Playoff if it wins out. It isn’t making the Playoff if it loses another game. The same can be said for Ohio State.

Simple enough?