Jackson State got off to a promising start under new coach Deion Sanders, but the team has struggled in recent weeks and Saturday was their third straight loss, this time to Alabama A&M, 52-43.

“To change the culture, you’ve got to change the people. If I was in church, the organ would have hit me right then,” Sanders said to the Clarion Ledger, per 247Sports. “You all know what we signed. You know what we’ve got coming in here, you know how we evaluate and what needs to go and what needs to stay. If you don’t do your job, what happens? This is that kind of business. This is how it is.”

Jackson State has wins this spring season against Edward Waters, Grambling State and Mississippi Valley State, and losses against Alabama State, Southern and Alabama A&M. The Tigers are scheduled to play Alcorn State on Saturday.

One of the changes he already made was at quarterback, when Sanders swapped Jalon Jones for Quincy Casey, who came on Saturday and was 30 of 47 passing for 323 yards and 4 touchdowns.

“He was getting ready to go in, but they had a marathon drive at the end of the game,” Sanders said of Casey last week, who played in three of the Tigers’ first five contests. “But he was getting ready to go in. And it wasn’t just because we needed to get away from Jalon. We needed to — you know — get Quincy some work.”

As perhaps only Sanders can do, he told stories from his younger days.

“I told them a story about back in the day, we didn’t have swimming lessons,” Sanders said. “They went and threw us in the pool. And we had to believe that we could swim and we was going to make it back to the side. Back in the day, we didn’t have an opportunity to get in nobody’s DMs (direct messages). We had to shoot our game. We had to believe that that woman was going to have love for us, just by the game we spat. We had to believe.

“It’s a whole lotta ‘I believe’ around here, but it ain’t a whole lot of substance behind it. And I told all of them, we would come to that point in time in this game where adversity was going to hit us and we was going to see do you really believe. And we didn’t.”